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Thursday, January 18th, 2007
10:23 pm - Long time, no post
It's been a while, eh? Here's the quickie update thanks to peer pressure from Cache, and livejournal's email propaganda.
1. I still hate Barnes & Noble but I'm working on finding a new job (I just turned in my Pitaya application and my fingers are crossed.
2. I'm currently procrastinating, hardcore. I have to read an article on Marxist Criticism, read the play Los Vendidos, and write a Marxist criticism of Los Vendidos by tomorrow morning. And I will most definitely be watching tonight's Grey's Anatomy when it comes on abc.com at 2am. This should be fun.
3. I also have to finish Love's Labour's Lost, and technically A Midsummer Night's Dream, but I figure since I was in it I'm pretty prepared.
4. I'm super-excited for Potato's party tomorrow! Happy advanced birthday, POTATOOOO!!!!
5. I have to poo but Mandana is here with her friends. This makes things a bit difficult for me. Sorry. That was just on my mind and so I thought I'd share. You're welcome.
6. I am in a very happy place in general. I love my friends, I love drama (the "school of" not the annoying high school type. Although there's plenty of that in the department...), I loveNick (which brings me to my next point)...
7. I am in love! This is probably more important than it's being #7 would suggest. But I'm really, really happy. I don't really know what to say about it other than that. He makes me glow.

Aaaaaaand, that's the gist of it. I feel like there's not much more to say. At least nothing especially important (although, compared to #5, what is important, right?).

current mood: smiley

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Friday, October 20th, 2006
12:03 am - Wha?
Well that was not at all where I saw our little chat on Wednesday going. And for those of you who are unawares (read: almost all of you), "there" is "I dont' have a girlfriend anymore" land. A most interesting development...

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Sunday, October 15th, 2006
3:35 pm - ¿Por qué?
This is so freaking lame! I don't want to be the other woman. That's so rediculous and fucked up. But I don't want to not be involved with him. This whole situation sucks.

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Friday, October 13th, 2006
6:13 pm - Dammit

Why?! This is so unbelievably unfair. He has had a girlfriend for 6 fucking YEARS! What's with all the flirting, then? you might ask. Well, turns out he really likes me too, and that's why he never mentioned her. At least he realized that was an asshole move. He finally told me because he said I deserved to know and it should be out in the open so we're both clear that we can only be friends. Too bad we'd be insanely perfect for each other. I may have to hold off on listening to the Senate for a while. How very sad. My hopes crushed and my favorite band temporarily ruined. I'm sure I'll get over both. I just seem to have the worst luck as far as guys go. Either the ones I like don't like me, or the other way around. Or my friends want more than just friendship. And finally when I find someone who I click amazingly with and who is cute and talented and funny and who likes me back, he has a long-term, long-distance girlfriend. Named Nell. He apparently felt the need to name her. So now she can't be some slutty bitch who should just let go of the guy I like, she has to be Nell, who goes to USC and is probably the kindest, most decent person in existence, who has no idea that her boyfriend is flirting with someone else and I absolutely cannot hate her. I wonder if he did that on purpose. Damn. I wish he wouldn't have told me how hard it was to admit to having a girlfriend. I wish he hadn't explained himself so well that I couldn't help but understand exactly where he's coming from and even (wtf?!) sympathize. He took my anger from me. I would much rather be angry than depressed. Anger can be directed outwards. Sadness eats at you from the inside. I didn't realize just how much I liked him until he dropped that bomb. Obviously I'll get over it, and I'm also 100% sure that we can be friends, but it just sucks. A lot. And I wanted to get it out. So I chose all of you lucky people to vent to. I hope you enjoyed it!

On the bright side we got to go through the costume storage rooms and find different undergarments from different time periods and then dress up in them! I had full side paniers with a petticoat and a sweet late 18th century corset. Unfortunately, in the process of trying to pull my shirt down because it was uncomfortably wrinkled in my insanely tight corset, I ripped it. Great! But it was a lot of fun. The TA, bless her little heart, gave me 1775 as a year on purpose because I told her I wanted hoops and a corset and my necklace had a Laury on it (aka a Fleur-de-Lys).

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Monday, September 25th, 2006
3:49 pm - Damn
Yep. So it's definitely mono. Lisa dragged me to the doctor again this morning to get the bloodwork done. Excellent. Just in time for school to start. How very convenient.

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Friday, September 22nd, 2006
2:24 pm
WHAT?! Who else does shit like this happen to?!?! Um, oh that's right! NO ONE! Just me. Whose Mono piggybacks on their fucking UTI?! Which came directly on the tail of a cold. And I don't even have any medication or anything. I need some damn Tylenol. They want me to gargle salt water and there's like a 99% chance that it's going to make me throw up. But if it makes me better....God knows that flippin chloraspetic didn't do me any good. 
AND OUR WICKED TICKETS WERE WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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3:08 am

You know, I've found bulleted entries surprisingly effective at keeping my rambling to a manageable rate so:

  • I worked things out with him today. We both agreed that we should just be friends, which was a relief. So that's good
  • My fool mother gave me and 3 friends Wicked tickets in a sealed envelope and so we all made our plans and got all gussied up, then I opened the envelope at about 6:45 only to find that they were tickets for the matinee show at 1. Neat. So pretty much I felt really bad.
  • I am dying. Plague, perhaps. It is an unhappy situation. My right tonsil is the size of a golf ball.
  • QFC had chloraseptic. Probably the best news I've had in a while. I neeeeeeeeeed it.
  • I told my mom that I'm not a virgin yesterday. Funny times ensued.
  • I'm officially addicted to Grey's Anatomy
  • I got my FAFSA stuff worked out and it turns out I won't have to take out the Stafford loan (but thanks to your mom anyways, Potato!) because my tuition is completely covered. I will also be recieving a sizeable check. Ah the benefits of being poor.
  • Mandana is bringing the application for the apartment by tomorrow, so that should be good. Then she will move in. Yay!
  • I'm thinking about getting a job on campus because 1)better pay, 2)work study, 3)scheduling flexibility.
  • I took the last of my cipro today so hopefully I'm in the clear.
  • I literally almost fell asleep while walking earlier tonight. I mean, I was walking and my eyes drifted shut and I walked off the sidewalk into the grassy area and it made me stumble which made me open my eyes. This happened several times. I told you, I may be dying
  • I'm going to go brush my teeth and make use of the aforementioned chloraseptic.

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Wednesday, September 13th, 2006
5:32 pm
I take back the "sexless" comment from my last entry. It's a long story.

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Saturday, September 9th, 2006
6:00 pm - Hah

Wow. I haven't updated in a really long time. Put simply, a ton has happened. I've had a semi-repeat of last April (the incident that spawned my temporary depression), but minus the extreme rejection as of yet. It's seriously crazy. I'm still not sure how to respond to the whole situation. I realize that was really uninformative for almost all of you, but hopefully a few of you will get it. Anyway, pretty much, I've become a big sexless slut, if that makes sense. What I mean is, in one night I managed to double my previous number of makeout partners....long story. Just go with it. There was alcohol and attractive people and a cubby in Ally's room in the BUNGALOW (Ally and Lindsey's appartment)...you know how it is. Excellent. I'm really glad I'm posting about what a slew I am. In other news, none other than Oliver Franklin (guitarist from the Senate--my favorite band) came over last night for a grand Nintendo showdown. He owned me at Mario (wtf?) but I schooled him in Family Feud, so there is to be a tiebreaker at some point in the future. It should be interesting. I'm just worried he thinks it's more than I want it to be. I think that he and I would make great friends but I'm not sure if he wants more than that....I guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens. Hmmm, what else? I don't know. I have a tentative date with a very unexpected person scheduled for sometime next week, I'll post more about that if it turns out to be something of import. 
Oh, tomorrow this girl Mandana is coming to see the apartment so she might move in next month if she likes the place. I hope she does because if not, I'm really running out of time to find a roommate. I wish Jenna would have told me sooner that she wanted to break lease after living here for two months. But I digress. Hopefully Mandana will work out. If not I have pretty much one other option before I start asking strangers. 
Well I'm off to take a nap before the Senate show tonight---holla! (yes, Katie. I know. I'm a tool.) I LOVE YOU ALL!

current mood: anxious

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Sunday, September 3rd, 2006
11:56 pm - ...............?!
Steve Irwin died. He was apparently stung by a stingray while filming something or other. I don't even know how to respond to that information.

current mood: Speechless

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Sunday, August 27th, 2006
1:19 am - Oh---Oh god.

Just watch it. It's.......just watch it.

current mood: There are no words

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Sunday, August 6th, 2006
3:44 am - Wha?!
How is it that I've managed to avoid male complications pretty much my whole life except for like twice and in the past couple months those are the most frequent complications of all?! Why do all my friends keep asking me out!?! I mean seriously! 1) It's me, and 2) Two different people in the span of ten minutes is a bit much, wouldn't you say? On a happier note, I was at a party tonight at my friend Nathaniel's, and Acceptable Guy was there, and I kind of freaked out with happiness, because what are the chances? Well, apparently pretty good because he lives there! With my friend! I've been to their house before! WTF?! Anyway, moral of the story: We are friends now. That is all.

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Monday, July 31st, 2006
5:28 pm
I'm just having a lot of feelings right now, and I want to write them down; get them off my chest. Hopefully this will help. Yesterday, I was on the phone with my mom and we were talking about totally normal stuff, when all of a sudden she was like "Lisa says Agha Jon (my grandpa) isn't doing too well, so we should go to Portland soon, before it's too late to say goodbye." Lisa went down Saturday night. She was pretty much just passing through and needed someplace to crash (quick heartwrenching sidenote: my dad miscommunicated the situation to my grandma so she thought Lisa was going to get there on Saturday morning, so she stayed up all day, no naps for fear of missing the door--she ALWAYS takes like 4 naps a day--and she cooked Ghormesabsi, and Lisa didn't show up until late Saturday night). Anyway, I guess my grandpa is doing worse than we thought. Like he didn't really remember who Lisa was and he has a lot of trouble walking because he has Parkinson's, too. And he kept getting confused with Lisa over who she was and what her name was, and I guess once she went to kiss him on the cheek and he got really startled because he was just confused. I feel really bad that she had to deal with it alone. Well, I mean, John was there, but I wish I could have been there for her. On the other hand, and this is selfish, I know, but I wouldn't have wanted to go in without warning and have all that stuff happen. I still would rather have been there for her, but it's just hard either way. And my grandma kept saying stuff like "He's very old. He's done." and she was saying that it was hard for her and she gave Lisa one of those hard hugs, you know? Anyway, I was thinking about it today at work and then this elderly guy came in with his granddaughter and he was being all sweet and it made me pretty much start bawling. At least I made it to the elevator before I broke down. But I barely even know my grandpa. It's just so fucking unfair. I love him so much, but my god damn family didn't teach me farsi and so I don't know anything about him, except that he's the sweetest person ever. And I'm not going to get the chance to know him, even if he lives for twenty more years because his memory is going and we can't speak to each other. I was thinking about some things I remember from back when he was more lucid and we could go for walks together and things. Stupid stuff, like how we used to go to this little convenience store by their old house and he would buy me those sesame candy things. Or games he used to play with us. And then I think about my grandma. Her life for the past 50 or 60 years has pretty much revolved around him. What's she going to do? I can't even imagine her living long after him. She might. I don't know. But I kind of doubt it, and what am I going to do if they both go at the same time? Again, I realize that's selfish of me, but seriously, I don't know if I could handle it. And when my thoughts earlier turned more morbid, I was thinking about how his funeral (whenever it may be) will probably be conducted in Farsi, and I won't even know what they're talking about at my own grandfather's funeral. I'm just, I don't know. There isn't a word that I can think of for how I'm feeling, but I wanted to put it down. I'm going to Portland next Tuesday to see them. I don't want to break down in front of them. What if he's still aware enough to realize why we're upset or why we're all visiting all of a sudden? Can you imagine that? Knowing that your family thinks you're going to die? Shit. I just remembered when I visited them a while ago. It was when he was first starting to go downhill fast. He went to take his nap right as we were getting ready to come back to Seattle, and when we went to say goodbye to him in his room, he had my dad translate to me and Lisa about how he was so proud and lucky to have us and how much he loved us. I think he probably knew he had to say something while he could. Dammit. I guess I at least have that.

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Tuesday, July 25th, 2006
1:55 am - Ah!
I keep getting friend requests on facebook from HS friends who should still be in high school! Somehow you guys going to college is a lot weirder for me than me going to college. It's freakin' me out! Is anyone with me on this?!

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Monday, July 24th, 2006
2:06 am - Of all the things to finally get me to post...
It's a movie. I just rented the Family Stone. Actually, despite the fact that I love pretty much everyone in it, when it came out, I didn't especially want to see it. I thought it was going to be a reversed Meet the Parents. But it was pretty much amazing. I'm a huge fan. I laughed, I cried, I covered myself in chocolate and made passionate love (that was directed at Remy). Anyway, a good time, fo sheezy. Chizeck it out.
Anyway, a lot of craziness has been going on in my life lately. The most recent bit of insanity is going to go unmentioned (or "undetailed", at least), because last time I got in "trouble" for writing about something it turns out I was probably right about. But remind me to tell you in person if you want to hear about it. How's that? ;-)
Also, Alex's scene-study class is going well. Which sounds weird since we've only had the one class, but I've decided that I like my scene a lot, so that's good, even if my scene partner did take FOREVER to meet up with me and also didn't do the work. But now that we've got a scene (from Four Dogs and a Bone, by John Patrick Shanley), it's shaping up pertty well. I'm excited. I really want to be friends with the PATP, as we all know, so this is a good in, too! But mostly the class should be a good time.
Let's see, what else? Well, I'm already mad at Jenna and we don't even live together yet, so that's a good sign, right? I'm pretty sure she's the most oblivious person ever. Don't get me wrong, she's the nicest, sweetest person ever, but she's definitely not doing a good job of thinking about how her actions affect others. For example, I was talking to her on the phone the other day and she was just like "Oh, hey. I talked to Evan (current roomie) the other day and asked him if he could start looking for somewhere else to live sooner than we'd originally planned because my plans in California aren't really working out." Um. Okay. Good thing you're just like "hey, get out of the apartment because I want to come back." She has absolutely no right to do that. Then she asked me if her brother could stay with us for 3 months sometime during the year. I don't think she'll even understand why I'm going to say no to that one. I don't want to hurt her feelings or anything, but I did NOT agree to that. I don't want the guy to live on the street or anything, but she wants the two of them to share a room and maybe split rent some more, which would actually be kind of welcome, but 1) I dont' want 3 people living here, 2) We'd also have to figure that out with the landlord, 3) He's a dude. I obviously don't have a problem living with a guy (EVAN, der), but I've never even met her brother and we never agreed to anything like that. It's just weird to me. All this on top of the fact that she's using my ENTIRE closet to store her "few things"...it's just getting on my nerves. Well, whatever. Maybe it'll be better when we actually live together. I really do like her otherwise. I don't know.
In other news, I really miss everyone that's gone for the summer. And I miss having friends nearby (like within walking distance). Who'd have thunk? I also miss knowing the code to Hutch. I've never felt so unwelcome. They've changed the code to the drama building for the summer, and I keep forgetting to go during Ariel's office hours, so I keep getting locked out. Incidentally, I've had to use my residual rock climbing skills to break in through this window that's always unlocked. It involves some climbing, perilous window holding, crotch ouching, and a small leap to the ground. It probably looks crazy sketch to anyone passing by.
Well, I'm off to bed, my friends, I'll talk to you later!

current mood: Stuffy in the nasal region

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Monday, July 3rd, 2006
4:23 am - Oh dear, oh dearie me

First of all, RHPS was off....the hook. I had such a good time. And Rough remembered us! YAY! God I almost raped him like fifteen times. And he definitely groped me during our hug. And I liked it. Anyway, it made me happy even though I missed a ton of the lines. Plus my outfit rocked. Perhaps (if you're lucky) I'll post pictures later. 
Second of all, I'm making my life more complicated than it should be. I got an email from Tim saying he understands where I was coming from, which is actually a good thing. But then I got an email from him in response to the one I sent. It wasn't mean or anything, but it just reminded me of everything. And it made me hate myself that I got excited when I saw it in my inbox. And the whole situation with Darren is confusing and not a little frustrating. And now there is this other thing which I won't be talking about here, but just trust me, it's stupid and overly complicated when it should be simple. Gah! And Darren is coming to work in the cafe, which I think is a really bad idea. I don't see how he doesn't get that. Or how no one else is saying anything about it even though apparently the whole store knows there's something going on. Hmph. 
Third of all, I saw Superman tonight with my friend Ken. I actually really liked it. I didn't think I would like it at all, but it was surprisingly funny, without making characatures of any of them. Except for Jimmy, a bit, but he is kind of charicature-y, so it was ok. Plus, sweet cast. Ummmmm...yes I believe that is all.
Oh! And I'm really excited for our pirate/fourth of july scavenger hunt/party!!!

current mood: Vaguely hungrybut mostly tired

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Saturday, July 1st, 2006
12:34 am - ?
So what's going on with RHPS tomorrow? We are going, yes? And who wants to drive? And when do we want to get there? I was thinking we'd leave around 11 and get there early. Especially since it's summer, it'll probably be busy. I'm so excited! I haven't seen it in SOOOOO long! YAY! And my outfit is super sweet. In addition to the bustier, I just bought some thigh highs. Hell yeah!

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Friday, June 30th, 2006
2:18 am - Well fuck.
"Hey, Meagan, what're you up to?"
"Oh, you know, not much. Just digging myself into this hole."
"Really? Wow. It seems to be getting deeper and deeper at an amazing rate!"
"Tell me about it."
"And, hey! What's that smell?!"
"Oh. That's shit. I'm neck deep in it. It's an interesting combo."

Other than that, my life has been good. A bunch of us (work kids) got up early and went to Wild Waves. We got there about a half hour after they open at 10, and had an amazing time of slides, swimming, hot tubbing, roller coastering, and sunbathing. It was magical. We stayed until they closed at 7 then went to Azteca for eating time. Later I will post with further details.

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Monday, June 26th, 2006
6:22 am
So if I were a newspaper, this would be a printed retraction. Since I am not, let me just say this: Sorry Tim. I probably should have talked to you before I went around saying it was a booty call. That was bitchy of me. Although, I still find the circumstances a bit sketch. There. Whichever one of you told him about my last entry, please also let him know that I'll be calling him tomorrow. Since you're so keen to spread around what I write here, I might as well put you to some good use, and get some work out of you. Thanks!

P.S. It is 6:24 and I just got home. I'm sleepy
P.P.S. Pride was today and it was predictably fabulous despite being moved to Seattle Center. I shall post pictures at a later date.

current mood: tired

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Wednesday, June 21st, 2006
12:09 am - Seriously?
I think I just got a booty call. From Tim. For those of you who have been keeping up to date on my life, Tim is the guy from that party last month...yep. He definitely just called and left a message saying we should hang out soon now that "things have calmed down a bit" because "you're really cool." .....uh-huh....Interesting that you never saw fit to contact me between the beginning of May and now. At all. In any form, even though I know for a fact that you've been on facebook since that party. Hmm. Anyway, I mostly just thought it was hilarious and I deleted his call and his phone number, but I wanted to share. 


current mood: nonplussed

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